Full-Service Association Management

Interel + AMG, with offices on Capitol Hill and headquarters at Tysons, delivers professional services through the more than 80 experienced association professionals who serve over 30 full-service and outsource clients. Our core purpose is to deliver business solutions that enable organizations to achieve their goals and objectives.

Guiding Interel + AMG’s services to each client is the organization’s strategic plan, annual budget, and the contracted scope of services agreed upon between clients and Interel + AMG.

Interel + AMG’s expertise and experience significantly benefits full-service clients because we are committed to the practice of delivering all major revenue-producing and service delivery programs through one team, under one roof.  Because of this, the efficiencies created for organizations by client teams working side by side with shared service staff and Interel + AMG’s considerably experienced key executives, unsurpassed value and goal achievement is delivered to association members, volunteer leaders, and stakeholders.

Interel + AMG’s culture fosters excellence and expertise.  This has been AMG’s guiding philosophy since our founding in 1982. We benefit clients by providing services that would be difficult for them to achieve on their own. In addition, Interel + AMG has a proven track record in driving growth and building sustained success.

Interel + AMG’s distinctive one team approach to association management leads to the development of strong partnerships with clients; Interel + AMG becomes a trusted advisor on which volunteer leaders can always rely.

Interel + AMG partners with volunteer leaders to support their governance, policy and strategic direction-setting goals. Interel + AMG’s highly trained and credentialed professional staff then becomes accountable and responsible for the management and operations of those organizations served. Our expertise and experience allows association leadership to focus on the “strategies of growth and success” while we manage the “business of the association.”

In serving clients, Interel + AMG draws upon and benchmarks against our experience with many current and former clients, providing boards with fresh thinking for new business models. In addition, Interel + AMG employs standard operating procedures to ensure optimum results. We also provide cross-learning among staff professionals and give them opportunities for internal networking; vendor relationships and access to knowledge from the marketplace. With the aggregate buying power of multiple associations, Interel + AMG leverages vendor relationships to obtain favorable rates. In addition, Interel + AMG has expertise in helping clients’ weather market changes and economic challenges. We offer superior web-based technology to provide state of the art e-commerce and e-marketing solutions. Interel + AMG’s HR team eliminates disruption to association programs and services with prompt staff allocations and hiring services, which are included in our fixed fees for full-service clients.

Please contact us to learn how our full-service management capabilities will allow you to take your organization to the level you know it could be. We look forward to working with you.

WGR grew it’s industry partners by 72% from 2015 to 2016 with AMG.
AHF’s conference attendance grew by 17% after just 9 months with AMG
NASAO grew its industry partners by 35% after just one year with AMG
SDPA’s revenue grew by 20% after just one year with AMG
BRPT attained a 254% growth in certificants after 10 years with AMG