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The Challenge Coin: Creative Currency for Associations

By: Cynthia E. Berry, Esq., Managing Director Civil Justice Reform Group (CJRG)

One symbol of the bonding and camaraderie among members of the armed forces is the challenge coin – a medallion or coin that bears the insignia, motto, and/or colors that identify a particular unit or group. Traditionally, these coins are given to demonstrate membership and instill pride in those who carry them.

A familiar story about the “first” challenge coin involves an American fighter pilot who was shot down over enemy territory during World War I.  » Read More

How to Channel Your Inner Churchill and Give a Great Speech

By Cynthia E. Berry, CJRG Managing Director, AMG Executive

Cynthia E. Berry

A “speech.” The very word sounds weighty and conjures up images of Winston Churchill before Parliament or Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg. It naturally triggers anxiety in any mere mortal who is asked to give one. But rarely is a speech called upon to determine the course of human events. Most are assigned the more mundane tasks of marking an anniversary, toasting newlyweds, informing conference attendees, or briefing corporate executives.  » Read More

The Newsletter: Take It From Drudgery to Delight

By Cynthia E. Berry, Esq., AMG Executive and CJRG Managing Director

Cynthia E. Berry, Esq.

Admit it. You dread writing your regular newsletter. You know your members are expecting it. You think they actually enjoy reading it. You are convinced that it is one of the best ways to communicate with your members about the work of your association. Yet we all have experienced that familiar anguish when we are up against the deadline, and we don’t have squat for the next edition.  » Read More