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What is Reddit?

(And Why EMS Leaders Should Care)

By Amanda Riordan, Director of Membership, American Ambulance Association (AAA)

Amanda Riordon

Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published on one of our client sites, the American Ambulance Association (AAA) with an intended audience of emergency medical service (EMS) companies. However, the explanation of what Reddit is, and how it could be useful to AAA’s audience is likely very appropriate for your own organization.  » Read More

Myth: People Read on the Web

By Teresa B. Gutsick, Creative Director, AMG

Teresa B. Gutsick

“No one reads.”

This is a phrase that designers use to try to get their clients to edit their website and email text. While the designer may have an ulterior motive that probably includes more room for eye-catching imagery— it is a truism in the Internet age that we now have shorter attention spans than goldfish. A study done in 2015 by Microsoft Corp.  » Read More

Website Integrity and Security

By Scott Hall, AMG Chief Technology Officer

Scott Hall

One of AMG’s top priorities is to ensure the security and continuity of our clients’ data. To that end, AMG has enacted policies governing the handling and accessing of our clients’ data; formed key partnerships with industry leaders to protect our clients’ digital assets, and to have our network tested on a quarterly basis to ensure that AMG is meeting PCI compliance standards.  » Read More

Responsive Websites – Good Customer Service

By Teresa B. Gutsick, AMG Creative Director/Senior Designer

Teresa B. Gutsick

Responsive is a great buzz word, but what does it mean when applied to your organization’s website?

A website that is responsive means that the pages of the site are designed to adapt to any device on which they are being viewed, whether it be a desktop computer, a small laptop, a tablet or e-reader, or a mobile phone.  » Read More

Higher Brand Awareness Through Enhanced SEO Techniques

By Denise Jackson, AMG Executive and Executive Director of the Section on Women’s Health of the APTA

In 2013, the Section on Women’s Health (SoWH) made the bold choice to rebrand and redesign their website, turning it into a more user-friendly, easily editable platform. Because the response from members was overwhelmingly positive, the Section was encouraged to delve even deeper into the internet realm, which we did by partnering with AMG’s search engine optimization expert, David Kaminga of Applied Tactics.  » Read More