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Why a Strategic Plan – Highlights from a New Survey

By J. Bruce Wardle, CAE, President/CEO

J. Bruce Wardle, CAE

AMG places a high value on the benefits that nonprofits receive from strategic planning. We work diligently to ensure that every client at AMG has a living, vibrant strategic plan—or plan of work—and that the development of that plan is not a difficult process.

However, a new study suggests that strategic planning remains a struggle for most boards.  » Read More

Where’s the Value in Your Proposition?

By Emily Bardach, Executive Director, Women in Government Relations, AMG Account Executive

Emily Bardach

Mission Statement ✔
Strategic Plan ✔
Goals and Objectives ✔

All of these are fundamental components formed from the DNA of a successful trade or professional association, but the mission, goals and objectives are not what sells membership. Believe it or not, neither do member benefits. Whether purchasing a product or joining a group, customers are looking for something of unique value that resonates with their own personal needs.  » Read More