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The Benefits of Face to Face Meetings

By Kent Hamaker, Director of Education, Communications, and Benchmarking, Association for Healthcare Foodservice (AHF)

Association staffers do most of their work with clients via long distance methods: conference calls, emails, texts, and websites like Basecamp. These technological wonders are necessities, of course, and make possible the work we are hired to do. But amidst the overwhelming chaos of the information we have to manage we too easily forget the benefits and importance of meeting our clients face to face.  » Read More

XDP: A Highly Collaborative Learning Experience

By Hunter Clemens, CAE, CMP, Vice President Meetings Management Group (MMG)

Imagine being greeted at every turn along the way as you enter the venue hosting an event you are attending and being met with your badge, and then escorted to the coat check, and then to the room in which your meeting is being held. That is exactly what happened when I had the privilege to attend the American Society of Association Executive’s (ASAE) pilot of the Xperience Design Project, or XDP, this past December.  » Read More

Beyond Mobile Event Apps – What’s Next?

By Hunter Clemens, CAE, CMP, AMG/MMG Vice President

Hunter Clemens, CAE, CMP

Now that you have finally integrated an event app into your meeting or event, you may be wondering “what’s next?” Meeting and event organizers are constantly looking for more ways to engage attendees. It is increasingly more important to create an “experience” for the attendee. The more engaged they are, the better the experience. In fact, at this year’s meetings and events industry gatherings, there has been a focus on experience design.  » Read More

Grow Your Members and Your Conference attendance – Consider Member Only events

By Andre Cholewinski, CMP, Director of Meetings, Meetings Management Group (MMG)

Andre Cholewinski, CMP

Recently, we have been working with an association whose focus has been advocacy and the achievement of legislative success. With a recent major legislative achievement, leadership turned the focus toward growing the association’s member base and increasing the number of members who attend its annual conference.

We know that nearly every membership organization can further its mission more effectively with more members and that more members should translate to a bigger annual conference.  » Read More

Creating Open Space for Your Conference Participants: How to bring life back into your conference and your conference back to life

By Edward Potter, CAE, Executive Director, ICMIF/Americas, AMG Account Executive

Edward Potter, CAE

As a busy professional, you no doubt have participated in dozens if not hundreds of conferences and seminars over your career – some memorable, others less so. Have you ever noticed that some of the most interesting, engaging and powerful learning experiences often take place during coffee breaks, lunch-breaks and after-hours get-togethers?

These unstructured networking opportunities with peers are one of the main reasons participants attend.  » Read More

In Need of a Conference Planning Makeover?

By Alana Joyce, CAE, Executive Director, AAPC

Alana Joyce, CAE

Whether your Association serves dentists, hoteliers or accountants, most Associations deliver “Education and Networking” as two of its primary functions.  But for those of you who design educational programs – or love the planning committees that do—you’ve probably had to contend with a variety of challenges, including budget restraints, time-pressed volunteers, too much “sponsored content” or even just a nagging feeling that maybe the Annual Meeting has become pretty much the same every year.    » Read More

How to Run a Successful Federal Lobby Day

By Tristan North, AMG Vice President of Government Affairs

Tristan North

A lobby day is an effective advocacy tool in generating support for or against legislation or an issue of importance to your membership or simply educating congressional offices and building relationships for the future.  It is also a great way to engage your volunteer leadership or entire membership in your government affairs program.  Once someone has participated in a lobby day, he or she is usually then an active advocate for your organization with his or her respective members of Congress.  » Read More

Expert Hotel Contracting Protects Your Organization

Hunter Clemens, CAE, CMP, Vice President, Meetings Management Group

Hunter Clemens, CAE, CMP

Most nonprofits host face to face gatherings, whether they are an annual meeting, a seminar, a workshop or board meetings. Usually, this requires the organization to contract for meeting space and guestrooms at a hotel. Today, and perhaps as never before, it is essential to reduce exposure and risk by managing up front hotel related contracting challenges, such as attrition and unforeseen cancellations.  » Read More