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Think Check-Ins, Not Performance Reviews

By Laura Ransone, Director of Membership & Events, Women in Government Relations, AMG Associate

 Say goodbye to formal annual performance evaluations and hello to more informal and regular check-ins. Why the move to more fluid feedback benefits not only managers and employees but also associations.

Have you heard? Annual performance reviews are dead.

But don’t fear! Their replacement comes as a breath of fresh air to all generations in the workforce—not just young professionals.  » Read More

Key Workplace Trends from Association Management Group

By J. Bruce Wardle, CAE, President & CEO

J. Bruce Wardle, CAE

Here are a few trends I’ve recently observed and feel these may be of interest to volunteer leaders and friends.

A “One World” View

AMG takes a one world view; gone are the days when member benefits, services and products are targeted only to specific cities or countries. The world is so interconnected that when we do business, when we go to market, we should be thinking of how we deliver products and services to anyone, regardless of location.  » Read More