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Important Announcement: Interel and AMG Join Forces

Press Release  |  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  |  Brussels, Washington DC  |  February 7th, 2017

Interel, the global public affairs consultancy, today announced that Washington DC based firm AMG, has joined its Group. Together both companies will generate  €25 million (EUR) ($27 million (USD)) in annual revenues and employ more than 200 consultants, staff and advisors.

Adding to its own offices and partner firms in over 60 countries, Interel will now benefit from a strong foothold in the United States as AMG’s infrastructure and 90 strong staff provide an instantly scalable growth platform which delivers the following capabilities:

  • Strategic association management, meetings and government affairs services, focused on growth and achievement
  • Sophisticated work with global corporate brands focused on business activation and engagement of target audiences.
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Structuring Your Government Affairs Program

By Tristan North, Vice President of Government Affairs, AMG

Tristan North

Many components comprise the structure of the government affairs program of an association. The structure needs to address the policy making and approval process, the coordination of the different activities between the components and the implementation of the policy objectives. A strong formal structure will help ensure the organization is optimizing its resources as well as following association best practices.  » Read More

Members Make Legislative Success

By Tristan North, AMG Vice President of Government Affairs

Tristan North

As a volunteer leader, you know your members and their relations with their respective members of Congress is a vital component of the lobbying efforts of your organization. Members as constituents, are the greatest influencers with lawmakers on Capitol Hill. This is true of those individual members who as your grasstops influencers, have good relationships with members of Congress and also of your members as a group in a congressional district or state as grassroots influencers.  » Read More

Washington, DC is Not the Only Capital Town

By Anne DeSeta DarConte, AMG Associate

For those of us living in the metropolitan Washington DC area, it can be easy to forget that Congress isn’t the only legislative body making public policy decisions. The impact and influence of the state legislative and regulatory processes and policy outcomes should be neither ignored nor undervalued by any trade or professional association. If you have not built a state government relations component into your advocacy strategy, you may want to consider the potential consequences for your members, industry or profession.  » Read More

Publicizing Your Advocacy Successes

By Elizabeth Mundinger, Esq., Executive Director, EDPMA

Elizabeth Mundinger, Esq.

When you have advocacy as a priority, members of your association will be much more likely to renew their membership if they know you are actively advocating on their behalf and the decision makers are listening. However, a long list of advocacy successes at the end of the year requires careful planning.

Advocacy Strategy

The first step is a strong Advocacy Strategy.   » Read More

How to Run a Successful Federal Lobby Day

By Tristan North, AMG Vice President of Government Affairs

Tristan North

A lobby day is an effective advocacy tool in generating support for or against legislation or an issue of importance to your membership or simply educating congressional offices and building relationships for the future.  It is also a great way to engage your volunteer leadership or entire membership in your government affairs program.  Once someone has participated in a lobby day, he or she is usually then an active advocate for your organization with his or her respective members of Congress.  » Read More

Advocacy – Member Benefit #1

By Hugh “Mac” Cannon, MPA, CAE, Senior Account Executive, Association Management Group (AMG); Executive Director, American Council of Engineering Companies of Metropolitan Washington (ACEC/MW); Executive Director, Virginia Physical Therapy Association (VPTA)

Many of us in the non-profit world, whether we be paid staff, or members/volunteers of an association understand that an organizations’ lifeblood is its members.  Simply put, we are the reason the organization exists and as such, can have a tremendous impact on its success.    » Read More

Every Association Can Have A Government Affairs Program

By Tristan North, AMG Vice President of Government Affairs and American Ambulance Association Senior Vice President of Government Affairs

Tristan North

While the importance of federal legislation and regulations varies significantly amongst associations, no association member or association itself is immune from the actions of Congress and federal agencies. To that end, association boards of directors often find themselves trying to determine what level of resources are appropriate for influencing the policies that impact their respective memberships.  » Read More