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Education Restoration – is it time to rebuild or restore your education program?

By Leah Reily, Managing Director, Society for Dermatology Physician Assistants/Dermatology PA Foundation / AMG Account Executive

Leah Reily

Providing education is a critical cornerstone for most, if not all, nonprofits. Building or revitalizing an existing education program can be a daunting task but vital for both large and small associations to revisit their education offerings to ensure their programs are keeping up with member needs and best practice.  » Read More

The Unofficial Onsite Guide to the ASAE Annual Meeting

By Laura Ransone, Director of Membership and Events, Women in Government Relations

Laura Ransone

In the association world we are always talking about “the benefits of membership.” We all have our pitch, a list of things you get from becoming a member from networking, to events and information. The ASAE Annual Meeting is the same. Attendees receive the “Official Onsite Guide”, a book full of all the things they learn at the meeting.  » Read More