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The Challenge Coin: Creative Currency for Associations

By: Cynthia E. Berry, Esq., Managing Director Civil Justice Reform Group (CJRG)

One symbol of the bonding and camaraderie among members of the armed forces is the challenge coin – a medallion or coin that bears the insignia, motto, and/or colors that identify a particular unit or group. Traditionally, these coins are given to demonstrate membership and instill pride in those who carry them.

A familiar story about the “first” challenge coin involves an American fighter pilot who was shot down over enemy territory during World War I.  » Read More

Celebrating with Your Members

By Laura Ransone, Director of Membership & Events, Women in Government Relations, AMG Associate

Laura Ransone

Why should we celebrate with members? The goal of every association is member engagement. Celebrating members and their accomplishments adds that personal touch that is essential to membership engagement and creates a sense of belonging and community. Sending flowers when a past President gets a promotion or posting on social media when a member wins an industry award goes a long way.  » Read More

Recognition Events and Awards Programs – The Importance of Celebrating Members, Partners and Programs

By Maria Bianchi, CAE, Executive Vice President, American Ambulance Association, AMG Executive

Maria Bianchi, CAE

Does your association currently produce an awards or recognition program? If so, when was the last time your award criteria were reviewed, added to or eliminated? Many times, Associations’ awards programs become perfunctory, stale and joyless.

Association leaders and members spend much of their time responding to challenges and visioning needs for the future.  » Read More