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AMG’s culture fosters excellence and expertise. This has been AMG’s guiding philosophy since our founding in 1982. AMG benefits clients as we provide services that would be difficult for them to achieve on their own. In addition, AMG has a proven track record in driving growth and building sustained success. AMG’s distinctive one team approach to association management leads to the development of strong partnerships with clients and AMG becomes a trusted advisor on which volunteer leaders can always rely.
AHF’s conference attendance grew by 17% after just 9 months with AMG
NASAO grew its industry partners by 35% after just one year with AMG
SDPA’s revenue grew by 20% after just one year with AMG
BRPT attained a 254% growth in certificants after 10 years with AMG

By Kent Hamaker, Director of Education, Communications, and Benchmarking, Association for Healthcare Foodservice (AHF)

Kent Hamaker

Keeping your association’s content fresh is incredibly important; it helps keep members engaged and leadership happy. The older your information content across platforms, the less relevant your organization appears. Of course keeping your content fresh is easier said than done. Here are some effective strategies to keep you ahead of the “sell by” date.  » Read More

(And Why EMS Leaders Should Care)

By Amanda Riordan, Director of Membership, American Ambulance Association (AAA)

Amanda Riordon

Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published on one of our client sites, the American Ambulance Association (AAA) with an intended audience of emergency medical service (EMS) companies. However, the explanation of what Reddit is, and how it could be useful to AAA’s audience is likely very appropriate for your own organization.  » Read More